Intella Homes is the AHFC 2015 Builder of The Year

Intella Homes is very excited about being awarded the AHFC State of Alaska Builder of the Year for 2015. Intella Homes achieved this honor by building the most energy efficient home in the state of Alaska for the year. Very proud to be recognized for our innovative techniques! Best part is we are currently constructing a home with an even higher energy rating and working to develop a 5.5" thick R21 entry door.


Make sure to set your DVRs to see Brannon and all the Intella Homes crew members this fall on Season 7 of Building Alaska on the DIY Network!!!!!! The crew had an awesome time building an off the grid cabin in the White Mountains. Working with Orion Entertainment was an absolute pleasure and everyone on the film crew are all considered friends. We will keep people posted as the show gets closer!

Tiny House Division

Intella Homes would like to be the premier builder for tiny houses of Alaska. Tiny houses are small affordable homes that leave the owners with less financial obligation and gives them more freedom with their lifestyle.  Intella Homes unrivaled building techniques and style make for a tiny home building team that can have you living in affordable luxury in short amount of time. Call today for more info.