Intella Homes

Putting people before profit and science before assumptions. Come see and feel the difference between a house and an Intella Home

Our Mission

Intella Homes' mission is to provide home buyers with not just a new house, but affordability and energy efficiency as well as proper ventilation and building methods to provide safe and healthy homes with the  Alaskan climate in mind. We hope to revolutionize Alaskan building by pushing the envelope when it comes to weatherization, design and energy efficiency. Energy prices will always be unpredictable but at least with an Intella Home you can plan on using as little as possible. We strive to provide homes that will keep you warm all winter long at a fraction of the cost of other homes. While energy efficiency is always a high priority that doesn't mean style, craftsmanship and quality are any less than superior.


              Intella Homes is an innovative home building team that strives to build homes that are designed for harsh arctic climates. At Intella Homes new ideas and concepts are welcomed and workers are encouraged to produce quality and not just quantity. Intella Homes feels like the only time to effectively make a home achieve its full potential is during initial construction and it’s a shame other builders have the mindset of its good enough to sell. Intella Homes attempts to educate the community on the benefits of living in more energy efficient and healthy homes.


             Brannon Richart is the proud owner and General Contractor for Intella Homes. Brannon was born and raised in Fairbanks and absolutely loves his hometown. He grew up playing hockey in the winter and racing moto-x in the summer. Early on Brannon knew he had a love for home construction. He received his first general contracting license at the age of 19 which was the youngest in the State of Alaska at the time.

               Brannon knew he wanted better working knowledge of home building and to see real life construction failures which lead to a pause in the home building career. Brannon became a manager for a local weatherization agency which gave him the opportunity to study thousands of existing homes. In his time there Brannon had responsibilities from technical assistance to policy writing and most things in between. In his time with weatherization Brannon was presented the Pushing the Envelope Award by the DOE at the 2012 Energy Out West Conference for his work in the home weatherization field. During this time Brannon also provided construction safety training doing business as Alaska Construction Safety Training. OSHA 10, OSHA 30, 1st AID/CPR and general jobsite safety were the courses provided. But after years of seeing subpar construction on new and old houses alike Brannon decided there had to be a better way to build and could no longer just watch the problem continue.


In 2015 Brannon an Intella Homes earned the highest achievement awarded to a builder in the state of Alaska by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.


Intella Homes was named the 2015 AHFC Builder of the year for building the most efficient house in the state of Alaska!!!!



     Currently Intella Homes is building several homes a year all over the FNSB area with their innovative and affordable 16” wall system. The system uses cellulose and fiberglass to achieve an R55 wall. In comparison for the same cost most builders add 2”-3” of foam board to a 2x6 wall and achieve about an R30 and if done incorrectly causes rotting problems. Along with superior wall insulation the Intella Homes design allows for maximum air tightness with minimal effort which adds the most efficiency. On top of a maximum efficient product Intella Homes strives to provide a top quality and aesthetically pleasing product in every aspect.

         Beyond home construction Intella Homes is also the exclusive Golden Valley Electric Association Home Sense Energy Auditor. This allows Intella Homes to provide a service to the community by educating them on energy costs in their specific home and ways to save and be healthy. Home Sense audits are provided for members ranging from Delta Jct to Cantwell.  Most members receive enough information in their 90 minute audit to save hundreds and sometimes thousands on their annual household energy consumption.

          Whether it’s building quality and affordable homes for the people of Interior Alaska or trying to educate them on their existing one, Intella Homes looks forward to be a good neighbor in the community and an innovator in arctic construction and living for many more years to come.

Me and the wife couldn’t figure out why we aren’t more excited about moving in the new house, then it dawned on us, it’s so surreal we feel like we are vacationing in a five star hotel and it will be over soon, but it won’t be over and we got overwhelmed by how lucky we are to have such a wonderful place to call home.
— Owner of an Intella Home